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How to Buy

How to add goods to shopping сart

To issue the order, choose the good, and press on "Buy now!". Important! The majority of models can be ordered with a different diameter of an entrance pipe. To choose diameter, pass to the page of goods, having clicked its name or the photo, choose desirable diameter from the dropping-out list, the quantity can be changed having entered quantity necessary in the space, or shooters (less) to the right (more) to the left and press the button «Shopping Cart».

After you have added all desirable models of goods to cart, click on a shopping cart badge in the right bottom corner (an upper strip of the website) or a basket badge on the right and press "To pass into a shopping cart " if you want to change the list of goods and their quantity, or press "To issue purchase" if the list is right and you wish to continue execution of the order.

In a shopping cart after you are sure that all desirable goods are added to cart and the quantity is right, you can pass to execution of the order having pressed the button «Issue Purchase».

How to issue the order

For execution of the order pass to the the page «Issue Purchase» as it is described above.

If you are registered on the website and logged in, the system itself will fill fields known for it, and missing fill independently. Be surely convinced of correctness of the specified data to avoid problems with the post, customs and other services concerning delivery.

If you aren't logged in, fill all fields, having entered your name and surname, the address, contact phone, e-mail. If it is necessary leave the comment to the order. Also press the "Confirm the Order and Pay" button. Further you will pass to the page of payment of the PayU system, or you can pay the order later from "Private office" on the «My Purchases» page (for the registered users).

Attention!!! If the currency of your payment card differs from currency of shop, payment will be made at an exchange rate of your bank.

After order execution and payment transition to your E-mail, pointed on the «Purchase Registration» page, the report on adoption of the order, in which the reference to viewing of the status and a condition of the order will be contained.

Tracking of the order

The order can have several statuses of a state of which you can keep track on the website (for the registered users) and/or according to the reference sent to E-mail specified at execution of the order.

After payment the order arrives on production. If the goods chosen by you are available in a warehouse, it comes to department for packaging. If there are no goods chosen by you in a warehouse, it arrives on production (normally within 48 hours the goods will be made and transferred to packaging). After collecting all your order, parcel is transferred to transport company or to post office for sending to your address. In case of providing a tracking code by the delivery service, the code will be brought in your order in "Private office" and sent you to e-mail.

Delivery terms

Pay attention that the cost of delivery depends on order value. The cost of delivery is mentioned on the page of goods under the price at once, you can click "Delivery terms" title. Also all data under the terms will be mentioned on the «Purchase Registrations» page.

Attention!!! Consider that the price of your order doesn't include customs and import duties. Each country has its own laws regulating mail delivery. Sending orders is made from the producer (Poland). Learn the restrictions in the legislation of your country for mail delivery to avoid the problems and contingencies before payment of the order. Responsibility for payment of any customs or import duties is born by the buyer.

After you received the order

We will be grateful if you leave a comment about the received goods on our website in the section "Private office" - "Responses". Also we will be glad if you send us photos of our products installed on the car for placement in the partition "Gallery" into e-mail Also you can attach to photos the text describing process of installation for your project.