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The owner of online store is the company:
43-609 Jaworzno ul. Wilcza 54/17
Nip : 632- 154-28-31
Regon: 276169587
Company headquarters:
43-360 Bystra
ul.Skośna 4
The authority registering economic activity:
Urząd miejski w Jaworznie
ul. Grunwaldzka 33
43-600 Jaworzno
Contact with Shop - by e-mail: (official); to phone: +48 575 408 442; in writing to the following address: Buzzer 43-360 Bystra ul. Skośna 4


Terms and Definitions:


Shop - the online store working for selling goods Online;

Working days - all days of the week Monday through Friday, excepting holidays;

Time of order fulfilment - time during which the Shop will execute the order and will provide it to the carrier realizing the delivery form chosen by the Client;

Client - individual or legal entity who is carrying out purchases in Shop, having the client account;

Client account - database containing the client data used for  order fulfilment, orders history, clients preference concerning the chosen shop functions, payments data and overpayments by orders;

Traditional transfer - payment made by the Client in bank through online or the stationary account or in post office;

Wire transfer – payment made by the Client from the on-line bank account through the PayPal system or other online payments systems;


I. Orders acceptance and execution.


1. The shop sells goods and services Online. Information on products and services is placed in Shop, web address

2. Shop client can be the individual with full or limited capacity and the legal entity.

3. Clients orders are taken by the website of 7 days in week and 24 hours a day.

4. Client, having sent the order to Shop, makes offer to sign the contract of purchase and sale of the ordered goods or services in Shop. The order confirmation sent by Shop to the e-mail address, provided by Client is the statement for adoption of the above-stated order. Shop has the right to request from the client confirmation concerning again registered clients.

5. To place the order, Client has to make:

a. the choice of the ordered goods or services,

b. the choice of a way of delivery and the address of delivery and the address to which the invoice has to be exposed (it can be different addresses),

c. the choice of a payment method from available in shop

6. Confirmation of all essential order elements happens after its giving, having sent the e-mail to the Client confirming order adoption for execution. At the moment the contract of purchase and sale between Shop and Client is considered concluded. The invoice with the VAT is applied to the parcel containing goods.

7. In case the goods are unavailable to which the order in a warehouse extends, at suppliers of Shop or for other reasons and inability to execute the Client order, the Shop has to notify the Client on this fact within 3 (three) days from the date of contract signing and return paid money. The notice will be sent to the e-mail address specified by the Client in the order form.    

8. In case of goods lack to which extends the order in shop, at shop suppliers or for other reasons because of which it is impossible to execute the order in the terms specified in this order (for example, delays of delivery by suppliers of Shop) Client is informed on the status of the order and makes the decision on order procedure. Client has the following opportunities:

If the Client paid for goods - the Shop will return payment according to the procedure described in Section VIII "Return to clients". Overpayment.

a. partial realization - Client choice of this opportunity leads to the order only for available goods, the Shop is exempted from a duty to carry out the order for inaccessible goods,

b. cancellation of all order - the choice by the Client of this opportunity exempts shop from a duty of order implementation.

9. Limited quantity of goods intended for advertizing campaigns and sales. Orders are processed in that order in which the confirmed orders are received until the stocks captured by this form of sale in a warehouse of Shop or its suppliers are not exhausted. 


II. Changes in orders.


1. Client can make changes to the order or cancel it until order confirmation on sending. It is possible to make changes, having communicated by e-mail:

2. The changes made in a different way than through a contact form, will be entered only after check of the client as the owner of the account. The modifications concerning: Client's address, delivery address and the instruction for return of receivables will be accepted only through a contact form on pages of the Profile after you sign in to Client account.


III. Goods prices.


1. All goods prices posted on the Shop website:

a. are specified in EURO, USA dollars or Polish zloties

b. included VAT,

c. don't contain information on possible customs duties,

d. don't contain information on delivery cost.

2. The price specified for each goods is obligatory at the placement time of the order by the Client.

3. The shop reserves the right to change goods prices, carry out and cancel advertizing campaigns and sales or to bring about changes. The above-mentioned right doesn't influence the goods prices in the orders placed before the date of entry into force of the change in price, conditions of advertizing campaigns or sales.

4. Expenses on delivery will be included in the goods prices in proportion to their cost. Goods delivery is carried out in the order chosen by the Customer and specified in the order. The current table containing information on delivery cost is available in the section "Delivery"


IV. Delivery realization time.


1. Expected preparation time of the order for shipment is specified for each product. This is the time from the moment of acceptance of the order before the completion of a parcel delivery from Shop to the carrier carrying out delivery considering only working days. Goods order with different delivery period goes after end of all order. Date of delivery of a parcel decides on the basis of a product on the longest delivery time.

2. In Poland the order can be delivered at the Client choice:

a. through the mail or courier. In case of the Polish mail the parcel reaches the client within at most 7 working days, and in case of the express company - to 2 working days.

3. The order can be delivered to the European Union by any express company. In case of the Polish mail the order arrives within 14 working days and up to 7 working days for the express company.

4. To the countries which are not entering the European Union, the order is delivered only through Poczta Polska.

5. In case of the chosen goods the Shop reserves the right to exclude certain delivery forms.

6. The client, receiving a parcel with the order, must check a freight condition. In case of damage or falsification of packing, the report on damages must be prepared in the presence of the courier or the post worker. The report on damage sent to Shop together with the complaint will facilitate its consideration.


V. Payment forms. Contract start.


1. The customer can choose the following payment forms of the ordered goods with delivery to territory of  ​​ Poland:

a. collect on delivery. Order implementation begins after completion of the order process,

b. bank transfer, wire transfer, the payment card in one of the electronic payment service providers accepted in shop. Order implementation begins after Shop receives confirmation of the correct operation work at the payment operator, in case of bank transfer - after receipt of payment into the Shop account.

2. Orders with delivery out of Poland borders can be paid only with a payment card in one of the electronic payment service providers accepted by Shop. Order implementation begins after Shop receives confirmation of the correct operation work at the payment operator.

3. In case of the chosen goods, Shop reserves the right to exclude some payment forms of the order.

4. Shop reserves the right to exclude a payment method "on delivery" to the client who won't collect two consistently executed orders which are subject to collect on delivery irrespective of a delivery form. Restoration of a payment form "payment on delivery" for this Client happens after sending and obtaining other order paid with a different way than "on delivery".


VI. Complaints. Exchange.


1. All goods become covered by the producer or distributor guarantee. Detailed guarantee conditions and its duration can appear in the warranty card issued by the guarantor. The client can use, at own discretion, the guarantee rights directly at the guarantor (the producer or the distributor) on the specified websites and ​​on the rights assigned to him at the seller on a guarantee.

2. In case of defect detection in goods Client has the right, in particular, to the right of complaint submission. According to the rules stated in the Civil code, Client can demand goods repair, free exchange goods for faultless, reduce the price of goods or in a look lack of goods for exchange at the guarantor during up to 31 days, can withdraw from the contract of purchase and sale. In this case Client has to return goods with the note "Complaint" by mail registered to the shop address:

BUZZER - Department of returns and complaints

ul. Skośna 4            (street and house number)

43-360 Bystra          (settlement)

Poland                     (Country)

Returned product has to be followed by the fact proof of purchase and completed EXCHANGE FORM (link at the bottom of the page).

3. The shop responds to the complaint and will report to Client about further actions by e-mail no later than in 14 days from the receipt date of freight with the complaint to a product. If the complaint is accepted, the damaged product will be repaired or replaced with other, full-fledged product. If it’s impossible (for example, because of stock exhaustion), Shop will return a product cost equivalent on the specified bank account. Client requirement about defect elimination or product replacement expires in 1 year from the detection moment of defect. The term of limitation period can't be complete before the expiration of two-year term.

4. According to the preliminary arrangement Client has the right to exchange a product for another at own expense. For this purpose Client has to return goods together with the trade document (receipt / invoice), put the filled EXCHANGE FORM (link at the bottom of the page) in which it will inform, in particular, about a possible method of difference definition in the cost and cost of delivery.


VII. The right to withdraw from the contract.


1. According to the Law of May 30, 2014 on the consumers rights Client who is the Consumer can refuse in writing the contract without explanation within 14 days from the delivery date. The client has to submit the withdrawal announcement from the contract and return goods to shop. To submit the withdrawal announcement from the contract, the consumer can use the REFUND FORM (link at the bottom of the page). The filled form should be sent in the scan form to the following e-mail address: or on a surface mail (registered mail) with a mark "Return" to the following address: BUZZER - ul. Skośna 4, 43-360 Bystra, Poland.

2. If the consumer chose a way of goods delivery other than the cheapest way of delivery offered by the trader, entrepreneur isn’t obliged to refund to the consumer the additional expenses incurred by it.

3. Returned goods have to be complete and not former in use. Goods have to be returned without changes if this change wasn't necessary within usual use. The consumer bears responsibility for decrease in value of things as a result of use it thus which is beyond what is necessary for establishment of character, characteristics and things functioning.

4. Returned goods have to be sent together with the invoice or the receipt received with it with a note "return" to the following address: BUZZER ul. Skośna 4 43-360 Bystra

5. Shop doesn't accept a parcel with delivery.

6. If for purchase VAT included invoice  was issued, shop needs for return of means, scan signed and sent by mail or to the e-mail address of the received invoice.

7. The client is obliged to return immediately goods, but no later than 14 days from the date of contract cancellation. To correspond to established period, all you need to do is to return goods before the expiration of its validity period.

8. Shop compensates the sum which is due for the returned goods (subject price and cost of delivery (if the cheapest form was chosen) within 7 (seven) working days according to the rules described in the section " VIII. Returns to clients. Overpayment.". 


VIII. Returns to clients. Overpayment.


1. In case of the circumstances obliging shop to return the sums paid by the Client into the Shop account, this return is made within at most 7 working days.

2. Return is made only on the bank account number provided by the Client in the REFUND FORM (link at the bottom of the page). Any overpayment will be transferred to the Client bank account only on the basis of his instructions. Shop reserves the right to check the client identity sending the return order.

3. Shop doesn't bear responsibility for a non-return or a term delay of return if Client, despite the request sent for its e-mail address doesn't specify the bank account number on which a payment has to be made or if it doesn't provide to Shop all data necessary for payment implementation. Shop doesn't bear responsibility for a non-return or a delay if it occurred because Client provided incorrect personal data (name, surname, address) or the wrong account number.


IX. Personal data.


1. Placing the order in Shop, Client agrees to place the personal data in the database and also their processings for the contract. Granting personal data by the Client is voluntary, however the lack of consent to their processing doesn't allow Shop to execute the order. The client bears responsibility for providing false personal data.

2. Personal data are protected according to the Law of 29.08.1997 on personal data protection ("The collection of laws No. 101 of 2002", point 926 with the amendments made to it) thus which interferes with access to them to the third parties.

3. In case of the additional Client consent personal data will be processed by Shop to inform the Client on the new goods, advertizing campaigns and services available in Shop.

4. Shop Clients have the right to check the personal data, correct them and request removal. Personal data protection.


X. Final provisions.


1. The contract of purchase and sale is signed between the Client and P.P.U.H "W-Z" Buzzer.

2. The goods presented on the Online store website don't represent the offer on the basis of the Civil code. Information on the goods posted on the website doesn't mean that goods have to be surely available in a warehouse of the seller or his suppliers.

3. Shop doesn't bear responsibility for blocking of administrators of e-mail servers of exchange of messages to the e-mail address specified by the Client and for removal and blocking of e-mail messages by means of the software established on the computer used by the Client.

4. Shop doesn't bear responsibility for the mistakes when processing the order or other instructions of the Client resulting from providing incorrect data by the Client.

5. Shop doesn't bear responsibility for the transactions made by the unauthorized third parties who got the access to Client account as a result of non-compliance with the principle of precaution by Client when using the login and password for the account.

6. Cookie files are used in storage to look how to use the website Cookie types of files used by Shop:

a. Sessional cookie files - they work only when viewing website pages that provides their appropriate functioning.

b. Constant cookie files - remain on your computer after visit of

c. Third-party cookie - they allow to adjust the displayed page according to your preferences.

d. The client has an opportunity to use the website without use of the cookie mechanism, but it can mean that some of shop functions or services won't work properly. If the client doesn't agree to use of cookie files, at any time choose option of a deviation of cookie files or transfer of their transfer in settings of the browser.

7. Competent Court for disputes settlement, arising from the contract of purchase and sale, is the Court competent for the place of the defendant or the Court competent of the relation of the contract performance place.

8. In the questions which are not covered by these rules provisions of the Polish legislation, in particular the Civil code, the Law on special terms of consumer sale and the amendment to the Civil code are applied (Bill No. 141 of 2002, point 1706 with the amendments made to it) and Law provisions on consumer protection and damage liability, caused by a dangerous product (The collection of laws No. 22 of 2000, point 277 with the subsequent amendments)

9. These rules are applied from: 07.05.2013.

10. Shop reserves the right to change Situation. Any changes in Rules come into force in the day specified by Shop not earlier than 7 days from the date of their emergence on the website. The orders placed before the date of entry into force of amendments to these rules are carried out on the basis of the records operating in day of the order placement.