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Politique de confidentialité

Welcome to the P.P.U.H "W-Z" BUZZER company website ("").

P.P.U.H "W-Z" BUZZER asks the user to examine Privacy policy of attentively.

Basic concepts

Personal data - any information relating directly or indirectly to the subject of personal data;

Personal data subject – certain individual, user which is the individual owner of personal data belonging to him;

Personal data processing - any action (operation) or set of actions (operations) made with use of the automation equipment or without use of such means with personal data including collecting, record, systematization, accumulation, storage, specification (updating, change), extraction, use, transfer (distribution, granting, access), depersonalization, blocking, removal, destruction of personal data;

Personal data operator – legal entity P.P.U.H "W-Z" BUZZER (further BUZZER): organize and carries out personal data processing and also defines the purposes of personal data processing , structure of the personal data which are subject to processing, the operations made with personal data.

Policy and principles of personal data processing

Real Privacy policy represents the public document created for the purpose of direct informing subjects of personal data and also the persons involved in processing of such data on observance of BUZZER of the legislation on personal data protection.

This Privacy policy is applied in the following cases:

• at navigation on without shopping and also when using of the services offered on including without performance of MYBUZZER registration;

• when performing registration on MYBUZZER and also when signing in through social networks;

• when shopping on

BUZZER asks the user to read attentively the Public Offer Agreement of which contains necessary information on ensuring confidentiality and on the security systems used on this website.

BUZZER, acting as the personal data operator, works according to the principles determined by the legislation, guaranteeing ensuring protection of the rights and freedoms of the person when processing personal user information of

BUZZER carries out personal data processing on a lawful and fair basis.

BUZZER defines the purposes and means of personal user information processing of and also necessary security measures, according to the protection level at which BUZZER operates with personal user information of

BUZZER excludes personal data processing incompatible with the purposes of collecting personal data.

BUZZER doesn't make collecting the personal data superfluous in relation to stated purposes of information processing.

BUZZER doesn't demand input of personal data when it's possible to provide services without use of such data (for example, in case of the marketing surveys conducted for improvement of service quality or at request for information mailing or news bulletins), or having resorted to the different ways allowing BUZZER to identify the user only in case of need or at the competent authorities request (as, for example, for the personal data connected with providing traffic and stay on the website or with the user IP address).

BUZZER respects the user right of for access to his personal data and also right for access to information on operations with use of such data.

When processing personal data BUZZER provides personal data accuracy, their sufficiency, and in necessary cases and relevance in relation to the purposes of personal data processing.

BUZZER guarantees to the user a realization possibility of the rights on removal and specification of incomplete or inexact personal data.

BUZZER provides personal data storage in the form allowing to identify the personal data subject for the period necessary for the purposes for which these data were collected and subsequently processed, and, anyway, according to applicable legislation rules.

BUZZER doesn't bear responsibility for the personal or other data given by the user to the third parties.

This Privacy policy provides all information necessary for understanding of the principles of personal data processing on

For obtaining more detailed information on Privacy policy the user can address in BUZZER by phone or by e-mail.

Purposes of personal data processing

Being guided by the legislation on personal data protection, BUZZER makes personal user information processing of strictly according to the following purposes of processing:

1. and its services using;

2. performance of the goods sale contract offered on which party is the personal data subject. For obtaining more detailed information, user can study the Public offer agreement.

BUZZER, in particular, makes personal data processing in the following cases:

1. At registration and use of the services offered on, such as, MYBUZZER advantage, bulletins mailing;

2. At orders execution and other connected activity;

3. When processing payments, including made by means of the payment card: in this case, the personal data provided during purchase (name, surname, payment card number, address for account drawing and delivery) is transferred to the company providing control of payment operations safety;

4. When receiving technical and commercial user inquiries: at the appeal to technical support service, BUZZER makes personal data processing to provide necessary information on work with the website; when using of services the Client service undressed, personal data processing is made for strictly necessary for execution of user inquiry.

5. When processing the inquiry from the person which expressed desire to provide the candidate as the applicant for one of vacancies in BUZZER, by the direction of the summary.

Personal data can be used in other operations on personal data processing, not provided above, but strict within the specified purposes of collecting personal data.

Ways of personal data processing

Personal user information processing of is made by BUZZER and other third parties, mainly, in the electronic and telematic way.

Personal user information processing is carried out with the subject of personal data consent on his personal data processing.

Personal user information of can't be transferred abroad to the countries which are not the parties of the Strasbourg Convention of the Europe Councile on protection of individuals at the automated personal data processing of 1981 and to the countries which are not entering the list of the countries providing adequate personal data protection(this list is approved by authority on personal data subjects right protection of the user country) without the received prior consent of the personal data subject.

For example, cases when the above-stated action is necessary for services rendering and/or for performance of the goods sale contract ordered on can make an exception (an also in other cases provided by the current legislation). In such cases personal data transfer to the specified countries will be carried out only within implementation of certain contracts between BUZZER and the companies processing personal data according to the current legislation only for the purposes connected with services rendering on

BUZZER processes personal data for direct marketing, for sending messages about the new commercial initiatives connected only with activity and services of this website by e-mail, by mailings means, by phone (SMS, calls), only after receiving consent from the personal data subject.

BUZZER can involuntarily get access to the third parties personal data which can be reported to BUZZER, in particular, when the user buys goods for its sending for the third party address when the user pays goods, to the delivered other recipient or when the user wants to recommend to the friend service or certain goods offered for sale. In view of the fact that in such cases the concrete personal data subject is represented impossible to define accessory of the provided data, BUZZER asks the user to make sure before disclosure of the third parties personal data that they have the consent of these persons and that these persons are informed on the real Privacy policy.

In case of consent lack of such third parties the user of independently bears responsibility in connection with information disclosure and the data relating to these third parties (and also in connection with any other incompatible and unauthorzsed use of such data). BUZZER also informs, the consent of such third parties is not required if personal data of these persons was already earlier reported by these third parties by means of commission of purchase on

BUZZER reserves the right to delete all MYBUZZER accounts and the related information in case:

1. their contents are illegal or do harm to BUZZER image and/or its goods or the third parties;

2. data propagandize illegal or slanderous actions;

3. contents have pornographic character;

4. contents propagandize violence or racial, sexual or religious discrimination.

Personal user information of is stored by BUZZER until a response of consent to personal data processing directly the personal data subject.

In case the personal data subject wishes that BUZZER stopped processing of his personal data or staticized such data, it \she can address in BUZZER by phone or by e-mail in the section Client service.

BUZZER can make personal data processing of each person which expressed desire to present the candidacy as the applicant for one of vacancies to BUZZER, by the summary direction.

In this section each user can report their data for the purposes connected with professional opportunities in BUZZER. BUZZER processes such data only for the above-stated purposes and according to the current legislation. BUZZER under no circumstances doesn't open personal data to the third parties.

In addition, personal data is collected for information requests processing arriving from journalists, media and news agencies and also for press releases mailing.

BUZZER processes personal data of the third parties interested in setting of business relations with BUZZER only for these purposes.

Transfer personal data to the third parties

Personal user information is not transferred to the third parties for the purposes which are not provided by the legislation, and not designated in stated purposes of information processing without previously received consent of the personal data subject.

Personal data can be transferred to the third parties, only in case it is necessary for processing of the order for the purpose of the subsequent sale of the ordered goods, and respectively, performances of the sale contract and for direct marketing.

For these purposes, personal data is transferred to certain companies which according to instructions of BUZZER and mutual legal obligations, process personal user information, is exclusive within stated purposes of processing and information, including for performance of the goodssale contract and rendering the services offered on

Are engaged in personal data processing:

1. Data-center – for the purposes connected with placement of the BUZZER servers;

2. Bank – for the purposes connected with processing of payments;

3. Delivery service – for the purposes connected with shipment and delivery of the goods acquired on;

4. Call-center – for the purposes connected with functioning of the processing calls center and customer service departments available to the user.

BUZZER regularly checks that activity of the companies which are engaged at the BUZZER request in personal data processing conformed to requirements of the current legislation for personal data protection.

Besides, personal data by official request can be transferred to police or other competent authorities according to standards of the current legislation (for example in case BUZZER is required to promote prevention to fraud on

In all above described cases the separate consent of the personal data subject to personal data processing isn't required.

Personal data doesn't reveal, doesn't extend and transferred to the third parties without prior notice of personal data subjects of such disclosure, distribution or transfer without their consent (if need of receiving such consent is provided by the current legislation).

For obtaining the complete authorized officers list having access to personal data, personal data subject can address in BUZZER by phone or by e-mail in the section Client service.

Obligatory or facultative nature of granting personal data of BUZZER

The personal data provided to BUZZER (in particular, surname and name, address for bill lading and delivery, safety number and code of the payment card, phone number) is necessary for order processing for goods purchase on, for providing other services provided on this website at the request of the personal data subject and also in that case when personal data is necessary for implementation of the obligations imposed by the current legislation.

The refusal of granting personal data for BUZZER designated as obligatory can have the investigation impossibility from BUZZER to carry out order processing for goods purchase, offered for sale on, or refusal of providing other services offered on

To define when granting this or that personal data is obligatory or optional to rendering the requested services or for goods purchase, on, possible on existence the sign (*) above spaces.

On the other hand, BUZZER disclosure of other personal data besides those which are required for implementation of contractual obligations or for providing necessary services is optional and has no influence on use of this website and services offered on it or on goods purchase on

Refusal to provide optional personal data doesn't involve any consequences or loss of advantages to the user.

Rights of the personal data subject

Personal data subject has the right to obtain information relating to the processing of his personal data from BUZZER at any time including containing:

1. confirmation of the fact of personal data processing of BUZZER;

2. legal grounds of personal data processing;

3. the purposes and ways of personal data processing applied by BUZZER;

4. the name and location of BUZZER, the information about persons (except for BUZZER workers) which have access to personal data or by which personal data on the basis of the contract with the operator or on the basis of the current legislation can be opened;

5. the processed personal data relating to an appropriate personal data subject, their receiving source;

6. terms of personal data processing, including their storage terms;

7. the procedure for the implementation of the subject of personal data rights;

8. information about carried out or about alleged cross-border data transmission;

9. name or surname, name, middle name and address of individual or legal entity which is carrying out personal data processing at the operator request if processing is charged or it will be charged to the third party;

10. other data provided by the current legislation.

Part of information from this list already contains in the real Privacy policy.

For obtaining the above-stated information, personal data subject can address in BUZZER by phone or by e-mail in the section Client service.

Also, personal data subject has the right to demand from BUZZER performance or to perform independently at any time following operations:

1. specifications of his personal data, their blockings or destructions in case personal data is incomplete, outdated, inexact, illegally received or aren't necessary for a stated processing purpose and also to take the measures for rights protection provided by the law;

2. for the reasonable reasons to express objection, in whole or in part, concerning processing of his personal data even if it belongs to the purposes for which these data were collected;

3. to express objection, in whole or in part, concerning processing of his personal data for advertizing or direct marketing, carrying out market researches, use for commercial information material mailing.

Personal data subject can exercise freely and at any time the rights, on condition of observance of the current legislation requirements, and can address in BUZZER by phone or by e-mail in the section Client service.

Consent and refusal of personal data subjects

BUZZER processes personal data only after receiving from a concrete personal data subject of freely expressed consent.

Separate prior consent will be required on sending to it the advertizing materials, direct marketing materials or other commercial information messages connected with the services provided to BUZZER including by means of mailings by e-mail, by phone (calls, SMS) such case is, for example, information mailing or news bulletin.

Every time when in compliance with the current legislation the consent of personal data subject for his personal data processing is required, BUZZER will notify him on it in advance and will give an opportunity to express such consent in the specified way.

BUZZER informs the user that according to the current legislation the subject consent of personal data isn't required and BUZZER can process personal user information of without such consent in that case when such processing is necessary for implementation of the legal obligations imposed on BUZZER or when such processing is necessary for orders processing placed by the user (for example, upon purchase of goods on or at inquiry of use of concrete services through

Anyway, the user has the right to refuse obtaining the marketing messages connected with a certain used services at any time (for example, from obtaining information or news bulletins).


Depending on the device which is used for page viewing you can receive (on the basis of your consent) the emerging notices of our offers, latest products, your Wish List and the section "My Purchases".

To disconnect notices, depending on the platform and/or the used browser, perform the following operations:


Desktop version: right-click on notices> disconnect notices from

Mobile version: enter into the notices center> Website parameters> Notices> to Block notices from

The most widespread browsers:

Chrome: Settings> Show additional settings> Personal data – Content settings > Notifications – Adjust exceptions> Enter and choose "Block"

Firefox: Settings> Contents> Notices – Choose> – "Block"

Safari: Settings> Notices> Install the switch Here in "Refuse" window

Security measures

BUZZER takes necessary measures for personal data safety and protection for prevention of unauthorized access, disclosure, casual or illegal destruction, casual loss, change and also from all other illegal forms of personal data processing, in compliance with the real Privacy policy.

Nevertheless, BUZZER can't guarantee that the security measures taken for website protection and data transmission and information on prevent or exclude any risk of unauthorized access or data loss.

For minimizing possible risks user is recommended to equip in addition its computer device with software of transfer and reception data protection on network (for example, relevant anti-virus system) and also to be convinced that his Internet service provider took sufficient measures for safety of data transmission for network (for example, used firewalls and filters of protection against spam). On each purchase is carried out when providing the maximum security measures thanks to the advanced technological systems and codification (SSL).

Сookie uses the automatic systems of data collection, such as cookie files.

Cookie represent a set of the data transferred by the server to the browser and to the user's device.

So, IP addresses of the user and other data relating to traffic of user data or to user preferences at navigation on automatically gather.

Data are processed in the cumulative and depersonalized look for commercial purposes, thus, cookie don't contain information on personal data, but at the same time allow to connect the user with his / her personal information given by the user on

The specified data collectes with the website in the course of navigation by means of cookie directly and automatically within implementation of operational functions and doesn't used for identification of personal data subjects.

Cookie used for the marketing purposes are intended for improvement of user navigation on, acceleration of order execution and also for increase in level of the BUZZER service: in the course of navigation on cookie data are applied to demonstration of goods corresponding to user interests and preferences.

Cookie of the third parties allow to do to the user BUZZER offers posted on partner websites. Information obtained from cookie of the third parties isn't controlled by BUZZER, an is under control of the third parties.

Social networks Cookie allow to carry out interaction between social networks and user.

Cookie remain on the BUZZER servers, and nobody has access to information which is contained in them.

Information collected by means of cookie files is processed by BUZZER in the cumulative and depersonalized look for optimization of the services and the website according to user needs and preferences.

It is known that in each browser there is a possibility of removal of cookie after each session. Instructions for performance of such operation of removal contain in the section "Settings" of each browser. If personal data subject wishes to remove cookie, he can address the instruction for removal which is contained in the reference of the used Internet browser.

Permission to cookie use is necessary for use of the website and its services, including purchase of goods.

If the procedure for cookie removal was started in whole or in part, BUZZER can’t guarantee that the web pages and/or rendering certain services on the website will function properly (for example, storage of the chosen goods in the section "My Purchases").

Links to other websites contains links to other websites which can be not connected with or with BUZZER.

BUZZER doesn't control and doesn't trace such websites and their contents.

BUZZER doesn't bear responsibility for contents of such websites and/or for the rules adopted by them concerning personal data confidentiality and personal data processing at visit of these websites.

BUZZER asks to be careful upon transition to these websites according to the links placed on, and attentively to read the corresponding conditions of Privacy policy.

Privacy policy of is not applicable to the websites operated by the third parties.

Links to other websites are given on only for the help to users in search and viewing of websites in the Internet and for use of other references to websites in the Internet. When BUZZER gives references to other websites, BUZZER doesn't make the recommendation to the user to visit these websites and doesn't provide any guarantees concerning their contents or services or products provided or sold on these websites to the Internet user.

Contact information

In case of need obtaining additional information concerning personal data processing on, the user can address in BUZZER by phone or by e-mail in the section Client service.

Applicable law

BUZZER, being the Polish company, carries out the activity according to the legislation of the Republic of Poland. Besides, website: works in compliance to requirements of the legislation on personal data protection.

All disputes, disagreements or requirements arising in connection with use of the BUZZER websites are subject to consideration in court of the Republic of Poland which has exclusive jurisdiction.

In case of need obtaining more detailed information about the rights and also about the legislation in the field of personal data protection, the user can visit the authority`s website on protection of personal data subjects rights.

Change and updating of BUZZER Privacy policy

BUZZER has the right to make changes, to update in whole or in part, Privacy policy, considering change of requirements of the current legislation and normative documents regulating protection of personal data and protection of the user rights.

The user will be notified on changes and updates in BUZZER Privacy policy right after introduction of such changes or updates.

BUZZER recommends to the user to look through regularly this section of the website to trace the publication of the last updated version of BUZZER Privacy policy.


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